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Upper Curriculum

A strong liberal arts education serves to prepare those bound for college and, above all, prepares students for life. The grammar foundation and logic for sound reasoning are built upon as the student moves into the rhetoric stage. Skills necessary to articulate one’s thoughts and defend a position are acquired. To this end, superior classical works of literature are required reading. Latin, the root of the romance languages, is normally a two-year requirement.

An in-depth study of western civilization found in history and the humanities fosters an appreciation for one’s heritage. The wisdom found in the writings of the ancients helps to form sound thinkers. Students are exposed to the beauty discovered in the fine arts. Music appreciation encompasses a range of classical composers. Students who qualify sing in the school choir. The expression of Divine beauty is further discovered in the study of the masterful paintings and other artistic renderings that represent a respect for the dignity of God’s creations.


At the Upper school level students are exposed to a deeper understanding of their faith. Courses in Apologetics, Moral Theology, Sacred Scripture and Church History provide a deeper understanding and love for their Catholic Faith. Students become well equipped to defend the teachings of the Church and address the ethical issues of the day.


In keeping with traditional classical education, the Holy Angels English curriculum is committed to the pillars of grammar, logic, and
rhetoric. Beginning with a review of grammar, the compositional skills mastered in the lower school are elevated through challenging writing assignments and a study of great English  literature. In the latter high school years, logic and rhetoric fold into the study of literature and the art of writing.

Works studied include Shakespeare plays (with at least one play read in each grade level), a survey of Early Modern and Romantic poetry, classic novels, and more.


From the discovery of America to modern history, students receive a thorough presentation of the contributions of the great explorers, missionaries and settlers as well as those of our founding fathers and those patriots who followed in their footsteps at great personal sacrifice. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are presented as guiding principles for the governing of our United States. The civics lessons found in U.S. history courses inform students about how our government functions and how they can serve as citizens to promote the common good.


The Upper School math curriculum represents the order found in the subject, and is primarily designed to instill in the student a wonder for the order and harmony inherent in its study. It is also important for honing reasoning skills. And, of course, its practical usefulness cannot be denied.


Our Upper School Science includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Physical Science, and Health. The sciences are presented with the premise that God has created an orderly world and that man’s obligation with experimentation and discovery is to respect the plan of the Creator. Laboratory experiments foster an appreciation for a practical application of the knowledge the student has gained.


The High School Latin Program at Holy Angels Academy emphasizes the Catholic and classical significance of the Latin language. High School students experience Latin primarily using the traditional Grammar method. Additionally, students are taught Latin using the Ecclesiastical or Church pronunciation which is consistent with what they would hear at Catholic Liturgies. Students enjoy declining and conjugating both from the classroom or marching around Holy Angels’ beautiful campus.

Over the course of their studies, our High School students encounter the works of St. Augustine, Julius Caesar, Cicero, and Virgil, as well as the beautiful Latin prayers and documents of Holy Mother Church.

“The best thing about Holy Angels Academy is the Catholic faith.”

– Daniel, Freshman

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